Adding domains to Office 365 was always a tedious process.


First, we need to add the domain to Office 365, it will give us a TXT record to update it in our domain registrar to prove we own the domain.


Post that Office 365 will us an extensive list of records to be updated in Office 365. We had to Manually update them one by one. Here many admins would end up doing a lot of errors by miss-typing or wrongly updating a value when creating the records.


In the new update, Office 365 tries to find your domain registrar and gives you an option to automatically “Verify” and “Update records” for your domain 


Once added my domain and click next I get the below screen. I select next




It takes us to a Forms page for logging into our domain registrar, GoDaddy in this case.


Once done it takes us to the next page where the wizard asks us whether we want to update the DNS records automatically or whether we want to update it on our own(the one as stated above we want to avoid doing.)




Clicking on Next automatically updates the below records for us in our domain registrar on behalf of us. Great isn’t it !?




Now in later stage, I will just login to my domain registrar and change the MX and CNAME records if I have a Hybrid setup and Autodiscover and MX needs to be pointed to on-premise servers


The work which used to take us more than an hour is completed within a minute. Now just think how much time you would save from updating the records manually and finding the errors and fixing them if any. Also, we are talking about a single domain here. We can see the true value when we try to update multiple domains to Office 365.




We can immediately check whether the proper records are updated using Nslookup or


Powershell output is as below 


PS C:\Users\Praveen> Get-MsolDomain

Name                                 Status              Authentication

—-                                    ——                  ————–              Verified             Managed      


PS C:\Users\Praveen> Get-AcceptedDomain

Name                             DomainName       DomainType              Default   

—-                             ———-          ———-             ——-                              Authoritative         False   


        –   Praveen Kumar E