In Part 1 we installed Hyper Role on our base(host) machine. In this post, we will see how to create a Virtual machine and  create a Domain Controller

Prerequisites :

Download Windows 2008 hard disk from the internet or download the ISO. I have downloaded the virtual hard disk itself

Open Hyper-V > Select your Server and then right click and say New > Virtual machine


Name your Virtual Machine (This is not the FQDN of the virtual machine), to identity in Hyper-V


For DC I usually give 1 GB, but you can give 2048 MB as we will be running AAD Connect from the same machine


Follow the prompt on the screen to complete the wizard


Once created, double click on the VM and select File > Settings  > Hard Disk > New


Here select the master Hard disk as shown below

b-7 b-8 b-9 b-10

Now start the machine and set the password. Also, create a new Virtual network of type “External” and add this machine to that network

b-11 b-12

Once the machine starts > Go to Server Manager > Add roles > Active Directory Domain Services


Complete the wizard


Restart the machine and open command prompt and type DCPROMO  to get the installation wizard


Create a new forest 


Here add in your domain name you have ownership of. Note you need internet routable domain if you want to create a hybrid Lab etc. For AAD Connect I am going to use .local domain so that we can discuss the issues we might face during AAD Connect configuration


Bonus: I usually save all the management consoles in a single MMC and save it on the desktop. It saves me a lot of time


We are almost ready to sync, are we forgetting something? The next post in this series will have details about creating Bulk users to facilitate Directory Synchronization.


Praveen Kumar E