Having issues with OWA after installing Roll-ups?

It so happens you are so happy to see a roll up being released with the issue you are putting up for a long time. At least you have a time frame to install it, you take your servers offline for a couple of hours for scheduled maintenance and install the roll.

You kinda feel that you have conquered the earth and go to the cafeteria to take a cup of well-deserved coffee and you see your phone ringing (or alarming to be precise) with mails and calls saying OWA is not working.

Most of the times the cause for OWA not to work or some particular feature like not able to delete mails, unable to move mails to a different folder,, etc could be due to the non-proper installation of the rollup.


Please note:  Before making any changes, you should back up any valued data on the computer.


You might face any one of the following symptoms after installing Roll up


You might get a Blank screen where there used to be FBA
OWA didn’t initialize. if this problem persists contact your help desk
Unable to access emails in OWA fails with red X marks
If the users get a detailed message check the Exception message: The Microsoft Exchange Active Directory Topology service on server localhost can’t be contacted via RPC.
Couldn’t find a base theme (folder name=base)
Under the version folder if you check basic, premium and base folder contents, you might find most of the files are missing.


Here are the steps you need to follow
• Uninstalled the Roll up from “Add remove programs”

• Rebooted Server

• Install the rollup back by following the below steps:-
              o Open EMS(Exchange Management Shell) Navigate to the path where the downloaded rollup is stored. 
              o Run the command “ii Exchange2010-KB2579150-v2-x64-en.msp”  (here put the name of your rollup file)
              o Close EMS and follow the GUI


This following website has the list of all roll ups and service packs for exchange


– Praveen Kumar E